The Reliable Way toMobile Devices

Our Company

Cellular Magician is a subsidiary of Cellular Magician Technologies (CMT) We are the leader in mobile device repair and parts in Canada, and have been setting a standard in the industry for years for the best customer care, reliable parts, and top workmanship. We’re the experts in what we do. As self-proclaimed tech geeks, we’re constantly learning new ways to repair devices. As soon as the latest phone is released, we get to work and figure it out. We’ll deconstruct and re-construct it numerous times so that we’re well-equipped to handle any repair. Our knowledge is always expanding, just like technology itself. To us, the research and effort are what makes our standards higher and customer experience better.

What We Do

We provide products and services to help your electronics run as smoothly as possible. We’re able to repair mobile devices and computers, unlock your device, and provide a place for you to buy and sell phones, complete with protection plans. Whether your phone’s screen is shattered or you have some nasty malware, we can fix nearly any issue. Most repairs can be done in under an hour, and are backed by our limited lifetime warranty. We also have a low price guarantee and we offer a free diagnostic service.

Why We Do It

Our customers’ complete satisfaction is our top priority. That relief you feel when your data is saved from what you thought was doom? The happiness you feel when you score a great deal on a great device? We love to be the ones that can make it happen. We won’t just assist you with your devices, though; we love helping individuals and the community at large.