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Get a FREE instant price quote on your device repair service with Cellular Magician.

We offer an instant price quote on iPhone, Android, computer, tablet, game console, and other device repairs*. This helps you (and our experts) determine the right price for the device repair service you need to get from us.

To get a repair quote for the service you need, click on the device type below and select the appropriate model on the next page, and select what repair you need.

If you’re not sure what repair your device needs, make sure to take advantage of our FREE diagnostic services for all devices. Through our diagnostic service, you can find out what repair your device needs and get the best price for it – with the help of our professional technicians.

We use high-quality parts and work with the best technicians to ensure the quality of every repair we do. In addition, we can match the prices of other local device repair service providers!

How to get an instant price quote

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get a repair quote for your device repair request:

  1. Select your device type (i.e. iPhone, computer, etc.)
  2. Select the appropriate device model (iPhone 13, MacBook, etc.)
  3. Select the repair you need for your device.
  4. Click on your preferred Cellular Magician branch.
  5. Fill in the contact form with the correct information to help our staff get back to you ASAP with the price and repair information.
    1. You can choose to hear back from our staff via text (instant), email (instant), or phone call.
  6. Please take note of the repair and store location provided to know more about the repair you need**.

*If you can’t find your device on our instant price quote page, please contact Cellular Magician to get in touch with our staff. This process includes basic repair information and our staff will follow up with a price as soon as possible.

**If you have further questions, the phone number of your selected Cellular Magician branch is included on the same page.