Our Story

Over a decade ago I was one of the first in Canada to purchase the first iPhone 2G.  It was beautiful, and the first of its kind.  I had to compromise on this first purchase.  I did not have a lot of money and $600.00 for a phone was a lot of money 10 years ago.I decided to purchase a refurbished 2G from Apple to save money.  I had it shipped from the USA and then I had to learn how to jailbreak it, so that I could unlock it.  I wanted to use it in Canada.

My joy quickly turned into disappointment.  The first iPhone 2G had a design flaw that affected many units.  The touch screen would slowly die until it stopped working completely.  It first started at the bottom corner, and then moved its way up, until it was completely useless.At the time, “nobody”, would fix phones, not even Apple.  This was over ten years ago.  A friend told me that he heard there was someone in the city who repaired phones.  Thrilled, I sought him out.

One day turned to two, two to three, and now I was on my fourth day waiting for my device with absolutely no update.  When I finally received the phone call that my device was repaired, I was ecstatic.  Again, my excitement turned to disappointment.When he handed me the phone the entire back housing was shredded.  It was bad.  It was so bad, that I could not hold the phone because it hurt my hand.  It looked like he tried to open the phone with pliers.

The device was not fixed. The metal on the back was pried off, and had sharp, cutting edges all around the device. It was now impossible to hold the phone. I asked the technician what he did to the back of the phone? He responded with this is the way the repair is done.While at the shop I noticed a long lineup of returning clients who had home button issues, volume button issues, and a wide array, of issues that they expressed were not there before they brought him their device.

This is when Cellular Magician was born.