iPhone Screen Repair

Repair Booking

Looking for fast, professional, and high-quality cell phone, tablet, computer, and game console repair? Look no further, Cellular Magician has all your repairs covered. We offer an easy online repair booking feature that allows you to schedule your repairs with us without dropping by our store or calling us!

Get Started

Start your repair booking by selecting the type of device you need our expert help with. It could be an iPhone, Android, MacBook, iPad, PlayStation, or anything that works like these electronics. We’re committed to making top-grade repairs accessible to our customers, allowing them to book computer repair, iPhone repair, and other repair services on our website.

Select Your Device Model

After telling us what kind of device you need assistance with, make sure you select the right model. Different iPhones, Android phones, Windows laptops, MacBooks, and other electronics have models with different specifications. When we know what we’re dealing with, we can finish your repair faster and give you your device back in no time!

Choose Your Repair

You’re almost there! Now, you need to tell us what’s wrong with your device. While we have a variety of repair services for different devices, it’s still important for you to tell us what’s wrong. This ensures that we can prepare the parts your device needs for faster turnaround times.

To ensure the quality of all our repairs, we only use top-grade replacement components in all our repairs. All high-quality parts come with 60-day warranties.

Store Location

Now that we’ve got the information we need about the repair service you’re looking for, it’s time for you to pick your local Cellular Magician. The store you prefer will do your repairs! Stores may offer varying prices depending on location.

Mobile Repairs

Don’t have the time to head out, drop off, and pick up your device? Use our Mobile Van Repair service. Our technicians will drive to your location and do your repair on the spot. You get to watch them do their magic — all without traveling to any of our stores.